Ground Clearance in Surrey and Hampshire
Professional Ground Clearance
Landscaping and General Maintenance is able to provide a service for clients who would like to manage their overgrown gardens and surrounding landscape..
Tidying up your landscape, garden, or woodland can have many advantages.
"An untidy garden is an eye sore. A tidy one is a pleasure to view. Do something about it now!

We provide a clearance service such as clearing foliage and weed growth, excavating trees and stump removal.

We can remove unwanted garden furniture like patios, sheds and greenhouses and any other materials.

All debris can be removed from site.


What may seam like a waste area of your garden at the moment, can be transformed into a wonderful useable area once again. No longer an anoying eye-sore!

TD Trecare has full public liability insurance up to the value of £10,000,000. If you need any tree work to be done, you can rely on TD Treecare to provide a professional and thorough job. Please call 07770 340 609 or email us at today to arrange a no obligation, complimentary quotation today!

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