Tree Thinning in Surrey and Hampshire
Professional Tree Thinning
What is Thinning? Thinning is the cutting down and removal of a proportion of trees in a forest crop. It is carried out primarily to provide more growing space for the remaining trees, which leads to an increase in volume of individual trees. Thinning also provides the farmer with an intermediate source of timber revenue before the final crop is cut down at the end of the rotation.
A few small trees or one large one, it makes no difference. Professional tree surgery no matter the size of the job! Clean and tidy results everytime.
Proper thinning can help renovate many of the trees in your garden, enhancing the overall appearance.

Thinning of conifers aims to maximize total production per hectare, in broadleaves the main purpose of thinning is to produce well balanced, even crowns on the final crop trees. Conifer thinning is carried out on a 5 year cycle normally, starting when the trees are near 20 years of age.

Crown thinning: Thinning crowns to let in more light by removing some, usually up to 30 percent, of the branches and concentrating on dead or congested shoots is another strategy.It is very easy to spoil the appearance of the tree so this is best attempted in stages evaluating the effect before removing more.

If branches larger than the diameter of your wrist need to be removed or if there is a lot of work up ladders needed, it would be best to call in a professional arborist. Pollarding, crown lifting and crown thinning are also all best undertaken by a professional.

Also be aware if there is a Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) on the tree. The tree officer of your local council will be able to advise if the tree is covered by a TPO.

There are three major items to consider when planning your thinning tree work. First, fruit trees will benefit from pruning to enhance fruit production. Second, pruning ornamental trees is completely different from pruning fruit trees. Third, if hiring someone to do the work, choose a reputable tree service or a professional arborist.

Fruit Trees
February through April is the traditional time for pruning fruit trees. If they have been pruned on a regular basis, they have developed numerous water sprouts. As a general rule, one-third or more can be thinned out. Caution! If all the sprouts are removed, a tree will bear little or no fruit.

Treat Ornamental Trees Gently
Avoid severe topping or aggressive pruning of any ornamental tree. This practice is far too widespread along many city streets and in mall parking lots. Not only is it ugly, but the resulting water sprouts are a survival response to replenish the lost food-manufacturing branches and leaves. These fast-growing sprouts can grow 5 feet or more a year. This may require frequent work by maintenance crews that could have been avoided by proper thinning and pruning.

Often, a heavily-topped tree will reach its original height in just two to three years. But there will be many more branches to deal with than before that can cause maintenance nightmares. The resulting masses of sprouts will provide challenges for the next few years.

Do the Right Thing
Before starting to work on an ornamental tree, I often ask a homeowner what he or she wants a tree to look like. Sometimes I have to explain why their request may not be practical or healthy for a tree and we will discuss some options. This should be the approach of any knowledgeable and responsible tree pruner.

Sometimes a homeowner will tell me to “do what I think needs to be done.” This can be a dangerous instruction to give to a stranger because some tree pruners do not know the correct way to treat ornamental trees. The results may be painful to look at. And it might be even more painful to write a cheque. It is best to get a professional to undertake the work in the first place.

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